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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

I want to use my Media-MVP with LinVDR 0.7. How do I get it working?

LinVDR 0.7 is preconfigured for the Media-MVP, therefore the distribution contains an own DHCP server and a TFTP server.

If you already have a DHCP server, you have to reconfigure it so it sends the Media-MVP name of the TFTP server (your VDR) and the name of the firmware file (dongle.bin).

With most "dumb" routers you can't do this. Then kick the butt of your router till it won't handle your Media-MVP any longer (or the firewall filters all the DHCP packages from your Media-MVP) and use the DHCP server of your LinVDR system to handle the Media-MVP.

First you have to configure the DHCP server via /etc/dhcpd.conf. Look at the examples shipped with LinVDR 0.7. Here is a working configuration from my system (with three bytes of my MAC address crossed out)

option domain-name "homenetwork.local";

subnet netmask {

range; option routers; option domain-name-servers;


host mvp {

fixed-address; hardware ethernet 00:0d:fe:xx:xx:xx; allow bootp; server-name ""; filename "dongle.bin";


In this configuration, the DHCP server will handle your complete subnet 192.168.1.x and assign (section "host mvp", fixed-address) always to your Media-MVP. The IP address of your LinVDR system is (server-name) and the name of the firmware file (we come to this later) is "dongle.bin" (filename).

Secondly you must edit your /etc/hosts. As shipped, the host name "linvdr" points to alias localhost. For the Media-MVP-Plugin this hostname definitively must point to the IP address of your ethernet device. So if you assigned the IP adress "" to your LinVDR system, your /etc/hosts must look like that localhost linvdr
After that, ensure that the daemons inetd and dhcpd are started at the end of your /etc/init.d/rcStart.delayed. Just add these lines to the end of that file
  1. Services for the Media-MVP

inetd dhcpd

Now it's time to fetch the firmware of your Media-MVP. Just visit the support section on Hauppauges homepage at http://www.hauppauge.com/pages/support/support_mediamvp.html and download the software package. We advise you to use version 22.22146 from May 2004. Newer versions may cause problems due protocol changes that have been reported (but not confirmed).

Unpack the file DONGLE.BIN from that software package (you can't use the unzip command shipped with LinVDR 0.7 for that) and rename the file to "dongle.bin". Then copy it to /tftpboot on your LinVDR system.

After selecting the Media-MVP-Plugin via "setup" and rebooting your LinVDR, your Media-MVP is ready to use.

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